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Sweet September

Let my mind wander...

Day 10 - Feeding Tube Removed
At this morning's weigh in, Madalyn had gained another ounce. Her pediatrician decided to try her off the feeding tube! It's been so great to see and kiss my little angel's face again.
Today she got all feedings by mouth: alternating every 2 hours between 30 oz breastmilk and 30 oz Neosure. I've nursed her successfully several times today (I'm supposed to try to put her to my breast for 20 minutes each breastmilk session before giving her the bottled breastmilk). Her last feeding was really a good one - she at 10 minutes from each breast and then took 20 oz from her bottle as well.
Her pediatrician told me if she's still gained more weight when they weigh her tomorrow morning, she may get to go home! She said if not, it will most likely be the next day or Tuesday. She seems to be taking all her feedings really good, so my fingers are crossed.

Jay was supposed to bring her carseat up here for them to test her in it. They want to measure her oxygen intake for a few hours sitting in it to be sure she fits properly and so we can find the best position for her to be in. He forgot it though, of course. It's frustrating that he can't seem to do anything I ask him to anymore. I know he's tired, but this was important. I function on way less sleep than he gets.

7.21.12 thumb2
Madalyn N/G tube-less ;)

7.21.12 leesie chillin at hospital4
Annelise chillin' at the hospital with us.

We had to take Leesie to the pediatrician yesterday. She started screaming randomly and ran to me. Later on, she did it again and then pee'd so much it soaked through her diaper onto her shorts. It was like she'd been holding it because it hurt to go. Her doctor discovered she had a yeast infection and also told us to take her to the hospital to be cathed to see what was going on with the painful urination.
Watching your baby have a catheter inserted is the most horrible thing I've witnessed. She screamed and cried, looking up at me like I was supposed to make them stop. It was so heartbreaking. All I could do was hold her and cry with her.
Her doctor said on the quick analysis there were white blood cells in her urine and she'd have the full results Monday. She prescribed some cream for her yeast infection so now we're just waiting to see what she says Monday.

Day 9 of Maddy's Hospital Stay
Madalyn made it to 4lbs 2oz yesterday morning, so they took her out of the incubator and upped her breastmilk intake. They told me to expect her to lose a substantial amount of weight at the next day's weigh in because of the extra calories it would take her to keep herself warm. Well, I went home that day and this morning her pediatrician called telling me she'd gained another 3oz! Bringing her up to 4lbs 5oz! I actually cried... silly as that is. She told me that they're going to up her bottle feedings and only feed her through the N/G every 4 hours - feeding her half the feeding through a bottle / half through her N/G tube. They're alternating every 2 hours between breastmilk and the neosure formula.

I was also told if she was still gaining weight in the morning, they would probably remove her feeding tube! I'm praying she's gained. I hate that tube. If she still gains weight off the N/G, I may get to take her home Monday or Tuesday.

I'm spending the weekend up at the hospital so I can better stay up to date on everything that's going on with her and speak to her pediatrician in person each morning.

Please keep doing good Maddy!

Day 6 in the Hospital
Tomorrow will be 1 week since Madalyn was born. I'm up here with her with Annelise while Jay is working. Her doctor said she's at 3.15lbs as of this morning - 1oz to go until they try her out of the incubator. If she's gained 1oz in the morning, it could be tomorrow. Once she's out, and can hold her temp and looks like she's gaining weight still, she should be able to come home. I'm hoping for sometime next week if not sooner.

She's waking up
As I said in my last post, I spent the night up here at the hospital with Madalyn. Now Maddikins has been a sleepy baby since she was born... I've never seen her stay awake for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Wellll, she's waking up. Last night, she woke up at 3 different times bawling. She cried once while Jay was here watching her while I took a shower, then twice in the middle of the night. One of those times, she actually squalled for over an hour. It's hard having a little one in an incubator since when she cries your only option is to check her diaper or offer a head pat or paci. I wasn't able to hold her to me to console her, rock her, or offer her my breast like I could with Annelise. I'll be so happy when she's able to stay out of that thing. I just stood there with her with my hand inside petting her hair until she fell back asleep.

She lost a tiny bit of weight at her morning weigh-in. I expected it with all the crying she'd done. Her nurse says she still expects her to only have to stay another week if all stays well. I'm going to go home today and just stay there (unless my mother or her husband offer a ride back for a few hours - in which case I'll definitely accept). I have no more clean clothes that won't rub on my c-section incision.and I also need to start getting things situated for when Maddy does come home. I want to get her outfits washed and put away, her diapers and wipes in a convenient place, etc. I need some normal time with Annelise as well. Her staying in the hospital with me isn't the same as when we'd spend time at home. It'll also do me some good to get some real rest in my own bed. I wanna be almost completely healed before Maddy comes home.

It's a Girl
So I know I haven't updated in a while. It's just that so much has happened in the last week... I'll try to give you the skinny.

At my 36 week appointment Wednesday morning, my blood pressure was still sky high. It was decided I was going to be delivered that day via c-section! The Bean - now Madalyn Elizabeth (a girl it turns out lol) was born on July 11th at 12:59pm. She was 3lbs 13.6oz and 17.4in long.
She has no major health issues other than trouble regulating her body temperature since she's a shrimp. Her pediatrician recommended we put her in an incubator with a feeding tube for a while to fatten her up. I'm still breastfeeding, but I'm having to pump almost exclusively since they don't want her to expend calories trying to nurse right now. She's being switched between my milk and the supplemented formula every 2 hours through her tube.
I'm told once she reaches 4lbs, she'll be removed from the incubator and moved into a regular bassinet. If she can regulate her body temperature by herself for 24 hours, she'll be allowed to come home. She dropped 3oz at first, but since being in the incubator she's gained it back plus some. This morning her nurse told me she was at a little over 3.14lbs!

It's been difficult to be here for her since I was discharged yesterday. I'll be riding into town with Jay on the days he works and staying till here with Annelise until he gets off then we both go home with him. Gives me a good 8-9 hours with her. He was off today so I'm actually staying the whole night. He'll bring Annelise up here with me when he heads to work and we'll go home with him when he gets off. The hospital staff has been amazing about letting Annelise stay with me.

It was so hard to leave the hospital without Madalyn in tow last night... heartbreaking. I'll be so glad when we can all be at home together!

7.13.12 7.15.12

36 Weeks - 2 weeks to go
blue me
What? She's actually posting a weekly check in/bump shot ON THE RIGHT DAY?! Why yes, yes I am.
Jay is napping and Annelise is watching her Your Baby Can Read DVD, singing along with Row Row Row Your Boat... so I've got some spare time to lj.

The Bean is exactly 36 weeks today. It's insane I've only got 2 weeks more of this wild ride left. This pregnancy has gone by so fast... it seems like only a few weeks ago I was staring down at that life changing little blue word... "Pregnant".

On the agenda for this week? Wednesday is my 36 week appointment and after that my NST. Let's hope for a better blood pressure reading this week. The last thing I want to do is be sent for another round of PIH bloodwork at the hospital.

I hopped on the scale this morning and discovered I've dropped two more pounds, bringing me down to 143. Considering at my 30 week appointment, I was 154 it has me a little concerned. I haven't had much swelling, if any, in weeks. I'm not sure where this weight is coming from. I'm going to ask my doctor about it Wednesday I suppose.
Since all the swelling went down, my bump looks so small. I hadn't really noticed until today when I took my 36 week photos. This baby is going to be a shrimp... just please be a healthy shrimp.

I've gained 24lbs total.

Jay wants to take Annelise to the pool when he wakes up, so I need to go and get our pool bag together. I took Leesie swimming Sunday evening and put her new floaties on her... she did so good! Mommy's little mermaid <3

On a completely random note, Jay told me he had a dream about the baby last night. He dreamed it was a girl with long dark hair and she came out talking. Ahhh... it's refreshing that I'm not the only one having odd dreams. So... Bean-baby? Are you a girl perhaps?

35 Week Appointment
blue me
35+4days actually, but you get the gist.
Got the crap scared out of me again at the doctors office this morning... When I went in, my bp was higher than usual (usual is high all on it's own so... yeah). Dr. Bailey did my Strep B test and checked my cervix since I've been having some contractions. No dilating or anything though, thank goodness. I lost 2 more pounds - I'm 145lbs now.

They didn't like seeing my blood pressure up again so he ordered another round of PIH bloodwork for me to have done while I was at the hospital for my NST. When I went to leave his office to head to the hospital, they couldn't decide on whether or not to schedule me a checkup for next week... hence the crap being scared out of me. They did go ahead and schedule me one for Wednesday though since Dr. Bailey will be gone for a medical conference from the 12th to the 23rd. He wants to check up on me before he goes.

He came to the hospital again before I left to talk to me. He said he didn't really know quite what he wanted to do yet because I was close to full term, but the baby still isn't growing as good as he'd like. He said even though The Bean's heart-rate was good and steady, it didn't accelerate as much as he'd like for it to when he moved around. He said he was going to consult a neonatal doctor in Macon, Georgia to see what he suggested we do and he'd call me at home.

Turns out the doctor in Macon suggested we wait until I'm about 38 weeks just to be safe, which is kinda what Dr. Bailey wanted to do in the first place. He said I'll come in once he gets back from his conference and we'll talk about delivering me later on that week. So I'll definitely be having a baby in 2 weeks - the week of the 23rd. We just have to set up a day.

Thank God for no baby being born today... I'm so not mentally prepared.

Happy 4th and Stuff :)
Not doing anything celebratory... just hanging out a my mom's house hiding in the air conditioning and eating freezer pizza. How patriotic. Leeise-bug is relaxing watching Blues Clues.

Jay and I both had a bout of insomnia last night, so we were up on the sofa watching House MD until 3:30am. Then Annelise woke up early - 7:00am. Jay usually wakes up with her in the mornings since I don't sleep much at night, but I went ahead and let him sleep this morning. He's been so tired lately that it's starting to affect his mood. I was hoping some sleep would cheer him up.

I was also having some actual contractions last night. They stayed sporadic, but I'll mention them to my doctor in the morning when I go for my 35 week appointment. I'll also have my NST tomorrow afterwards. I'll be surprised if I haven't dilated any.. I'm wondering what Dr. Bailey will do if I have dilated. He's not going to want me to go into labor on my own with a breech baby and high bp. I guess we shall see.
I'll probably have my Strep-B test too.

I started packing my hospital bag today. The Bean's is all ready to go, mines a work in progress. It's insane I'll be meeting my little one in a few weeks.

Bad Day
blue me
I don't know if I was just super hormonal today or overly tired or what, but I had one of those days that makes you wish it would just hurry up and end.

First of all, Jay got his school check in the mail and it wasn't even half as much as he was hoping it'd be. That put him in an instant horrible mood, making him mean and irritable. He was in the bathroom for like 45 minutes, so when he came back in the living room I asked him what happened to him. He snapped at me saying he wasn't in there that long... Hormones took over and I almost cried, which pissed me off. I understand he was hoping to use that money to catch up some of our bills... I was hoping there would be enough there to buy a camera before the baby was born... but I don't need him jumping down my throat when I was just concerned. I thought he was sick or something being in there that long.
He apologized, but I think that just set the mood for the rest of the day.

Secondly, my grandma... my absolute favorite grandparent, is extremely sick. She's been in the hospital all week with low oxygen. She has lung cancer, which we all knew without anyone saying anything, but it's bad now. She's only able to use one lung, and the one that works has a huge mass in it. Like half the lung is this mass. She's stubborn as hell and won't stay in the hospital. She demanded to go home today, so my mom dropped my brother off at my house for me to watch "just until she could take my sister out there to sit with Grandma, then she'd be back". That was around 1:30-2pm... she came back to get him around 7:30 this evening. Handling 2 toddlers when you're almost 9 months pregnant is tough... especially on days like today. Annelise wouldn't go down for her nap because he was here running around, he wouldn't nap or be quiet. Also, he's one of those kids that freaks out when his mom can't be found... so he wailed for like an hour when she left.

Then there was the stupid Dish Network receiver I needed to box up and return... it's already late going back. I got the receiver, remote, and link thing in the box packaged up. But I need to get the thing off the satellite down somehow and Jay offered no help. I guess I'll get mom to help me this weekend if she's not busy. I'm not getting my pregnant ass up on a latter.
I couldn't figure out what all was supposed to go in the box, Nathan was wailing and tugging on me, Annelise wouldn't nap, I was worried about my Grandma, Jay was sitting there frowning... then the fucking power went out.

It's 100 degrees in Georgia and we have no air conditioning for an hour... I snapped. I ran off to the bathroom, closed the door and cried for like 15 minutes. I felt ridiculous, but I couldn't help it.

Also, my mom quit her job today. She's been wanting to quit for a while so she could stay home with Nathan, but with Grandma being so sick, she wants to be available to her at all times.
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34 Week Appointment and other news :)
34 weeks +2 days. I had my doctor's appointment this morning at 10:45. Nothing out of the ordinary really... pee test, blood pressure check, weight check... same old same old. I was told this is the last week I'd get to keep my clothes on lol. I have my Strep B test next week, then I'll be having internal exams every week until I deliver.

My doctor did tell me that I'd probably be needing a c-section. He said The Bean is still breech, and with fluids running low, he probably won't be able to turn himself around now. Jay asked him if he thought I'd be allowed to go to my due date, and Dr. Bailey said no. He said if I make it to 38 weeks, he'll probably deliver me then. So we're looking at maybe 3 weeks before we meet The Bean... crazy to think about.
He then proceeded to tell me he would be out of town the week of the 23rd (when I'll be 38 weeks), but one of the other local OBs will take good care of me if something were to happen... erm... whu? So maybe we can set it up to deliver the day before he goes or the day he gets back. I'd like my own doctor to deliver my baby.

Something else notable... I've lost nearly 7lbs since I started taking that water pill. I feel so much better. I'm at 147 now as opposed to 154. Meaning I've gained 28lbs total. That I can live with. I was feeling so huge and horribly self-conscious thinking I'd already gained past the recommended amount.
The blood pressure meds have been doing their job beautifully as well. It gets a little high when it's time to take a pill, but it lowers it back down really quick. I found out you definitely want to eat with them though... went rushing out of the house without breakfast yesterday morning and felt like a zombie all the way through Walmart. Food is a must. (I also just remembered I need to refill my prenatal vitamins tonight... better do that now).

I talked to Dr. Bailey about this progestin only implant birth control I read about online. He says another OB in town would need to do it because he didn't have the training. I know I don't want kids for at least another 5 years, but I'm not sure I'm done completely so this seems perfect for me. I'm only 23 so having my tubes tied makes me uncomfortable. I'll have to call around and see how to go about having that done after the little one is born.

To add to this mish-mash entry, our newborn sleeper came in today and I put it together ;) It's so cute and well made! Best part - we got it for $24 (originally $54 on Amazon, but we paid for $20 of it with Swagbucks gift cards). Heh.

I was supposed to go for my weekly NST today, but since Mom couldn't keep Annelise (and having a toddler running around the L&D room would have driven Jay and I both nuts), we rescheduled it for tomorrow morning at 10:00. It seems like all we do is run around to Dr appointments these days... oh well. It's almost over I guess.

Oh! One more thing, my mom and I took Annelise and Nathan to the pool for the first time this summer. They had so much fun! The water felt amazing. As soon as I got out though, I felt like I weighed a ton! We had alot of fun :)